Creating More Energy

Kurt Andres is a high school student who was given an opportunity to create something that is new and intriguing to him.  Kurt lives in Tucson, Arizona, and because of an upcoming energy efficiency role that Arizona will be playing.  Kurt created an instruments package that helps collect data about where wind turbines are being inefficient.  The package helps prevent rotor damage and also maximizes the efficiency.  Kurt used two simple equations to calculate all this data.  With Kurt’s package he has made it incredibly easy to create the perfect wind turbine and along with that it is something that is impacting the world that he comes in contact with daily.

Fighting Against Breast Cancer

In this day and age breast cancer has become a problem that affects women and their friends and family’s all around the world. Brittany Wagner is 17 now and back in 7th grade she started computer programming. She says that she, “Grew fascinated by artificial intelligence” and that is what sparked her passion for computer programming. Since 7th grade Brittany has put all of her effort into an artificial neural network. The program learns as it encounters more data. Women have a small needle take a sample and the program can find the difference between benign and malignant breast tissue so that they will know quickly and efficiently what they are up against. Brittany says that this is what she wants to be doing her entire life, on the cusp of cancer research and finding cures that will save lives. She has won the Google International Science Fair and most likely multiple other prestigious awards for her ground breaking program. This is what Brittany is passionate about and it is changing the world at the same time.

Giving Back by Taking Trash

Sam Klein is 12- year-old St. Louis boy who is the CEO of his own recycling company. Ever Since he was little Sam has been interested in trash and the process it goes through, especially since he is very environmentally conscious. Klein began gathering and recycling ink jet cartridges, laser toner, cell phones, and other things that should be recycled but very often, are simply thrown away. He goes around to local businesses and collects their trash for things he can recycle. He spends about 10 hours a week on his recycling business and it pays off. He gets around $200 dollars for each box of catridges he sands back to manufacturers. What does he do with the money? Sam Klein donates it to local St. Louis charities, so far he’s donated over $1000.


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Creating Connections

Israel native Gal Harth was only 15 when he came up with an app idea he called Doweet. Harth saw a noticed that his friends were spending most of their free time on their computers or in front of TV screens instead of being active and hanging out with each other. Thus Doweet was born to make it easier for his friends and others to go out and organize events that allowed them to connect with real people. His app uses Facebook as a platform to invite friends to comment and contribute in planing outings. With the help of his business partner 22-year-old Nir Ohayon, the two created their social media app in a matter of months and soon after were getting funding from venture capital firms. The creators of Doweet were featured in the 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco and their app is now available through the Apple App Store (unfortunately it has yet to be released in the US store). Gal has a wide range of interests but for him technology and entrepreneurship are his greatest passions. He saw need within his group of friends and solved with an app he could invent himself.

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Student Creates Talking Robot

 17 year old student from Australia has created a talking robot head. With hopes of soon going into Hollywood for animatronics, Marshall Tearle created this robot that display facial expressions, and talk by moving its mouth in time with sound or voices. Here is a video of it in action and how he made it. Read more here


For a Cause

Gabriel Schillinger was a freshman in college when he started an organization called For Darfur Inc. which is a non-for-profit organization that raises awareness and money to help the people suffering in Darfur. Schillinger was able to raise over $1,000,000 for Darfur by throwing a Kanye West concert in 2008 and was recognized as the number 1 donor to Doctors Without Borders efforts in Darfur in 2007 & 2008. Time Magazine named Gabriel Schillinger “Kid With A Conscience” in 2008 and he has been profiled in the Palm Beach County Medical Society, The New York Times, Time Magazine, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and The Miami Herald. He has also gone on to co-found “Decade Worldwide, a multi-dimensional entertainment management company”.  In 2008 For Darfur Inc. had 200 members from age 13 to 19. This group of hardworking teens saw something terrible going on in the world and vowed to make a change through music and media.

Read more about For Darfur in Time Magazine at:,28804,1717144_1739299_1738475,00.html #ixzz1xouHWp2y

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